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Solar Battery Storage

Boost your energy storage capacity with comprehensive solar battery grant and fitting services.

Add battery storage to your solar panel system and reap the benefits! Battery storage is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and works alongside solar panels to maximise your investment in renewable energy. This enables you to store the power you produce and use it to offset your energy bills.

Zing Energy can help you unlock these benefits at a minimal cost and take advantage of any government scheme’s for solar battery storage. From carrying out an initial survey and finalising grant applications through to installation and aftercare, we offer a turnkey service. Simply fill out our online application form and our team will find a solution that matches your needs.

  • Experts in energy grants since 2014
  • Secured thousands of grants for UK homeowners and landlords
  • All workmanship backed by a 12-month guarantee
  • Fully qualified and insured

Solar battery storage made easy

Understanding that solar and battery scheme grants are available is one thing, but navigating the process of securing funding and upgrading your infrastructure presents its own set of challenges.

Homeowners and landlords often find themselves wading through a multitude of options, making it difficult to separate genuine opportunities from less beneficial ones. Tackling the task independently also involves assessing eligibility based on property specifications and individual circumstances, followed by a daunting search for approved contractors that meet industry accreditation standards.

Thankfully, there’s a streamlined solution. Zing Energy offers a comprehensive smart home battery service that simplifies every step of the process.

Our experienced team handles the entire solar battery storage application process, as well as the subsequent installation. Beyond expert customer service, our team is made up of qualified technicians, assessors and coordinators dedicated to delivering high-quality, industry-approved solar battery storage solutions for your home or property.  

What renewable energy saving grants are available?

In a bid to reduce carbon emissions and address energy-related challenges, the UK Government launched the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. Established in 2013, the scheme mandates energy suppliers to contribute funds for initiatives that promote energy efficiency. The covered solutions include:

  • Implementation of green heating systems (such as air-source heat pumps and biomass boilers)
  • Repair and upgrade of existing boilers
  • Installation of wall insulation (including cavity wall insulation and solid wall insulation)
  • And notably, the provision of solar pv grants

Over the past decade, the government reports that nearly £20 billion has been saved in lifetime energy bills, thanks to installations carried out under the ECO scheme. Evolving through different stages, including ECO, ECO1, ECO2 and ECO3, the latest iteration, ECO4, is specifically tailored to target low-income households that lack energy efficiency.

Am I eligible for a solar pv and battery storage grant?

To qualify for a government grant for solar pv and battery storage under the ECO4 initiative, you must meet specific criteria:

  1. 1

    Have an EPC rating of E or below

  2. 2

    Be in receipt of certain benefits

Understanding EPC requirements

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is mandatory for properties constructed, sold or rented in the UK. This certificate assigns an energy efficiency rating on a scale from A to G, offering insights into energy consumption, associated costs and potential enhancements.

In an effort to address energy inefficiency in the most proactive way possible, the ECO4 scheme exclusively caters to properties with E, F, or G ratings. These are typically homes where heating costs are anticipated to be at their peak. You can access your property’s EPC through the official UK Government website.

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Eligibility based on benefits

To qualify for solar panels and battery scheme grants via ECO4 funding, individual homeowners (or their tenants) must be members of the Help to Heat Group. This membership requires the recipient to receive one or more of the following income-based benefits offered in the UK:

  • Income based Jobseekers Allowance (JSA)
  • Income related Employment & Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income Support (IS)
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit (PCGC)
  • Working Tax Credit (WTC)
  • Child Tax Credit (CTC)
  • Universal Credit (UC)
  • Housing Benefit
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit (PCSC)
  • Child Benefit (within certain income caps)

Understanding the requirements for solar panel grants is crucial for homeowners looking to enhance their energy efficiency. Zing Energy specialises in guiding you through the eligibility criteria for various solar panel grants, ensuring you can access the necessary funding for solar battery storage enhancements. Our expertise simplifies the process of applying for solar panel grants, making it more accessible for you to upgrade your solar panel system with effective energy storage solutions.

For more information regarding benefits, head to Ofgem. Alternatively, simply apply online through Zing Energy to assess your eligibility for UK solar grants. The application process is fast, easy and comes at no cost to you.

Is solar battery storage right for your home?

If your home is already equipped with solar panels, or you’re thinking about investing in the technology, solar battery storage solutions can be a worthwhile upgrade. They work alongside solar panels and are designed to store surplus electricity generated during daylight hours. They’re particularly beneficial for homeowners looking to utilise solar energy for night-time consumption and fill the gap when solar panels are not actively generating power.

Primarily, solar batteries store electricity harnessed from the sun via residential solar panel setups. Beyond solar panel-generated power, these batteries can also store electricity from the grid if necessary. The stored energy becomes a versatile resource, available for powering your home or charging an electric vehicle during instances when solar panels are less productive, such as overnight or in cloudy conditions. With grants for home battery storage, you can enjoy all the benefits, at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of solar battery storage:

  • Reduced energy bills: A solar battery system not only protects against rising energy costs but also enables you to store excess energy produced by your solar panels. This stored energy can be used when solar production is low, helping to significantly lower your monthly energy bills.
  • Energy security: Solar battery systems with back-up functionality can provide further energy security for your home, protecting you from local power outages and providing you with more control over your energy supply and usage.
  • Additional power: Additional energy generated through a full solar thermal or PV system and stored in a solar battery pack is available on demand, which is particularly helpful after dark, when household energy demands are high.
  • Become greener: Installing a solar battery alongside your solar panel system not only powers your home with renewable energy but also supports the shift away from fossil fuels. This helps lower your carbon footprint and contributes positively to the environment.
  • Reduce energy costs: The addition of a battery storage unit to your existing solar PV system can help you make significant energy bill savings and reduce costs by up to 50% according to some manufacturers.

Why choose Zing Energy to install solar battery storage solutions?

From significant cost savings to a genuine opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint, it’s no wonder solar battery storage solutions are gaining traction in the UK. A reliable installer can make all the difference when it comes to maximising your investment. So, what sets Zing Energy apart when it comes to solar battery storage in England and Wales?

  • Fully managed, free solar battery storage grants

    Our skilled team of solar battery scheme grant experts is here to guide you through the entire solar panel funding process, offering straightforward advice and personalised support tailored to your needs and property. From the initial assessment and grant application submission to installation and ongoing maintenance, we’re with you every step of the way.

  • Expertise in energy-efficient upgrades

    Choose Zing Energy and unlock nearly a decade of experience in solar battery storage solutions. Join the ranks of satisfied customers in England and Wales, including local authorities and housing associations.

  • Registered solar battery storage installers

    Our skilled solar battery storage technicians, retrofit assessors and coordinators do everything by the book. This ensures a seamless installation process and minimal aftercare. Registered with bodies like CHAS, SafeContractor and Trustmark, we uphold the highest standards in the industry when it comes to solar panel installation and battery scheme installations.

  • Premium quality products

    Partner with Zing Energy and enjoy the total peace of mind you’re investing in premium solar battery storage solutions. We’ve put in the hard yards when it comes to selecting the best materials, saving you time and alleviating the stress of comparison shopping.

  • Fully guaranteed and insured

    Rest easy with a 12-month workmanship guarantee on solar battery scheme installations completed by Zing Energy, as well as manufacturer’s warranties ranging from 2-10 years. Should any issues arise, count on us to address them promptly. Additionally, we are fully insured which means you don’t have to worry about liability for workplace accidents.

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Apply for Solar panels and battery storage funding

Improving your home’s energy efficiency with solar battery storage has never been more straightforward. Apply for a solar pv and battery storage grant online today using our quick form.

Solar battery storage FAQs

Solar PV and solar thermal panels can operate independently of a battery storage unit, allowing you to benefit from producing your own energy. However, without battery storage, the excess energy generated is typically fed back to the electricity supplier via the grid, rather than being directly used in your home to offset your energy bills. This makes solar battery storage an advantageous addition for maximising the use of your generated energy.

Although there are energy saving grants available for Solar PV, no funding is currently available for solar battery units. Costs for these units depend on several factors including the brand, model and capacity of battery, plus whether the battery is being installed as part of a new solar PV system or being retrofitted to an existing solar panel system. Although higher specification batteries are more expensive, they should perform better, enabling you to benefit from greater efficiency and savings.

Just as you should use a qualified specialist to install energy storage systems, you will also need to ensure you use an installer who has the recommended experience and qualifications to carry out a battery installation. Zing Energy are specialists in Renewable Energy installations and are registered with the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (recc.org.uk), which enforces consumer protection standards across the Renewable industry.

Solar Panels generate electricity via photovoltaic (PV) cells which convert sunlight into electrical energy. The electricity generated by solar panels is in the form of direct current (DC). This type of electricity flows in one direction, from the panels to the connected solar battery. The battery is made up of cells that use chemical reactions to store electrical energy. In most residential solar battery systems, lithium-ion batteries are commonly used due to their high energy density and longevity. When you need to call on this stored electricity, the stored energy is retrieved from the battery, and is converted from DC back into alternating current (AC) before sending it to your home’s electrical system.

Solar battery systems are designed to be wall or ground mounted. They are usually installed inside your garage or the loft, both of which are well-insulated from factors such as moisture and dust.

Yes, absolutely! At Zing Energy, we specialise in helping homeowners and landlords navigate the world of solar panel grants. Understanding the various government grants for free solar panels can be complex, but our expertise simplifies this process for you.

Our comprehensive service includes guidance on securing solar panel funding, which is an essential step in making solar panel installation more affordable. Whether it’s for solar PV panels, solar thermal panels, or even integrating solar power systems with solar battery storage solutions, we’re here to assist.

By leveraging government grants, you can significantly reduce the initial solar panels cost, making it an economically viable option for generating your own renewable electricity. These grants not only help in installing free solar panels but also contribute to energy bill savings and enhance the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Moreover, by installing solar panels, you’re taking a proactive step towards reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a greener environment. Our team at Zing Energy will help assess your eligibility for various solar panel schemes, which allows solar panel owners to earn money from excess electricity.

Additionally, for low-income households, the Energy Company Obligation scheme provides substantial support, making solar energy accessible to a wider range of people. We also advise on the Renewable Heat Incentive and other energy saving measures that can be combined with solar panel systems for maximum efficiency and savings.

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