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Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation

Insulation is the best way you can minimise heat loss and ensure your home stays at an even temperature throughout the year.

Zing Energy’s trusted team of experts can advise you on the best methods to prevent heat loss with our range of thermal insulation solutions, allowing you to reduce your fuel bills and CO2 emissions.

Why should you insulate your home?

If you simply turn up the heat in an uninsulated home, the heat will quickly be lost, costing more money by burning more fossil fuels. By properly insulating your property, the temperature in your home will be consistent all year round and reduce the need to whack up the heating.

As well as keeping your home warm in winter by reducing heat reduction, insulation also keeps your home cool during the summer months by stopping the property overheating. As an added bonus, it will also work to reduce noise pollution.

A lot of householders think that getting a new boiler is the most important thing they can do. This is a big myth and means you can spend money unnecessarily. Insulation really is a great solution and it isn’t just about keeping the warm in. Remember, it can also keep your home cool in the Winter as it works to stop the heat coming in too. The key principle of efficient energy and saving money is to first get the fabric right, get the principles right.

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How does thermal insulation work?

The science of heat tells us that there are three ways your house loses heat:

  • Conduction – Heat flowing directly into the earth.
  • Convection – The process of the warm air on the outside of a building being lost to denser, cooler air.
  • Radiation – Losing heat to the atmosphere.

Insulation works to slow all these processes.

Zing’s thermal insulation solutions

Insulation grants and funding

There are a variety of different grants available to homeowners across the UK. The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) is a Government initiative and domestic energy efficiency programme, established to provide households with financial support towards the installation of energy efficiency measures. These include various forms of thermal insulation, which help to reduce household energy bills, but also promote carbon reduction. The scheme is funded by the largest energy companies in the UK, who are obliged to provide funding for heating and insulation improvements.

Speak to a specialist

Zing Energy’s expert home insulation contractors can advise you on the best solution for your property. We go the extra mile with expert advice, tips and techniques to help boost energy conservation for life!

Contact our team for more information on any of our thermal insulation solutions. Call 0330 808 4365 or apply for a grant online.

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