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Thermal Insulation

Installing thermal insulation not only helps to minimise heat loss, but also reduces energy consumption, enhances home comfort and plays a crucial role in lowering carbon emissions. Zing Energy will carry out a survey of your property, helping you understand which type of insulation is suitable for your home, plus help you access ECO grant-funding, to help you cover the costs of the installation.

One of the most cost-effective and hassle-free options for insulating your property is cavity wall insulation. But is it right for you and your home?

A layer of material is fixed to the walls in your home and then covered with plasterwork render or cladding. This is then finished to your requirements i.e. pebble-dashed, panelled, tiled and more.

As heat rises, it can easily escape through a non-insulated roof – one of the most common forms of heat loss in homes across the UK. Here we answer all your questions about flat roof insulation – an excellent method to help save you money and keep you warm and cosy.

Rigid insulation boards are fitted to the walls in your home, or stud walls are built to be filled with material such as mineral wool fibre.

Typically, a large proportion of heat within homes escapes via the roof, with heat rising and finding an escape route. For this reason, roof insulation is one of the best methods to become truly energy efficient, reducing your fuel bills for years to come.

Does your loft conversion or attic feel the draught in the winter and experience excessive heat in the summer? If so, room in roof insulation can eradicate these issues, leaving your home with a preferable temperature all year round

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