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The New Green Deal Explained

The New Green Deal is an initiative backed by private Investors designed to help both businesses and homeowners install greener technologies, helping the energy bill payer to benefit from efficient heating, whist helping to reduce carbon emissions. This process involves installing the new energy saving measure with minimal upfront costs, with the cost of the energy product repaid via future energy bills. The main difference between a taking out a finance plan versus a Green Deal plan is that under the Green Deal rules, the loan stays with the property and not the energy bill payer.

Why Choose a Green Deal Plan?

Taking out a new Green Deal loan involves low upfront costs, and your monthly repayments will be in line with your budget.

Utilise Green Deal funding today and bring your home up to date, plus future proof it against rising energy costs.

All Zing Energy products and services are available via the new Green Deal, whether renewables, insulation or a new boiler.

The Golden Rule

The Green Deal Golden Rule states, the energy savings made from the energy product must be equal to or greater than the cost of installing the energy product.

Quality Advice

All Zing Energy Green Deal Assessors and are not only knowledgeable, but are fully accredited and approved under the Green Deal qualification methods.

Ready to Apply

Simply call us on 0330 808 4365 or email: and one of our team members will discuss the Green Deal options available to you. It’s as simple as that!