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Eco Scheme

Do you qualify for the Eco Scheme – the Government initiative to encourage the switch to more renewable sources?

What is the Eco Scheme?

The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) is a Government initiative and domestic energy efficiency programme, established to provide low-income households with financial support towards the installation of energy efficiency measures.

How does Eco funding work?

The Eco Scheme is funded by the largest energy companies in the UK, who are obliged to provide funding for heating and insulation improvements. Zing Energy works with most of the UK’s largest suppliers and can unlock the funding to minimise the cost of any work.

How are grants decided?

Grants are based on the type of benefits the homeowner or tenant receives, plus the type of property they live in. In some cases, 100% grants are available.

What energy saving work can I claim for as part of the Eco Scheme?

Grants for energy saving measures include Gas, LPG or Oil boilers, electric storage heaters, renewables and various forms of insulation. Often grants are available from combining different methods.

What are the key benefits of securing an Eco grant?

Installing a new boiler or insulation measure via ECO grant funding is not only a great way to reduce your energy bills, but will also increase your green credentials, helping to lower your carbon footprint and tackle climate change.

How can Zing Energy help?

Having worked in the field for many years, our team of experts have overseen many versions of the Eco Scheme and have been able to unlock funding for thousands of homeowners across the UK.

We work closely with the big energy suppliers who fund the scheme and we have also formed relationships with local authorities the length and breadth of the country, giving us trusted trader status. We promise to partner with you to unlock the funding to minimise set-up costs, transform your home and reduce your energy bills.

How do I get Eco Scheme funding?

Simply call us on 0330 808 4365 or contact one of our team who will be happy to discuss ECO Scheme options available to you.

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