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The clocks have gone back, darker afternoons are upon us and there is a real bite in the air. In other words, winter is coming! With ongoing restrictions many of us will be spending more time at home but we will also want to maximise winter energy efficiency. 

Of course we want to stay cosy and comfortable but ideally without spending a fortune on the central heating. So how can we manage this? Luckily Zing Energy has some top tips to achieve this without just enriching your energy supplier.


The first stage of achieving winter energy efficiency is looking at how well your home currently retains heat. An Energy performance certificate will provide a rating scheme to summarise the energy efficiency of your building. The ratings vary between A – G. The basic EPC will include tips on cost effective ways to improve your homes’ energy rating. It is worth noting, it is now a legal requirement for all rental properties to have an EPC rating of E or above. This applies to both new and existing lets. Zing Energy offers a sophisticated audit, which includes a detailed interview on your energy habits plus testing the function of your energy system. We promise to partner with you to find the best way to reduce your bills and energy proof your home with minimum disruption.


The key principle in keeping a property an even temperature cost effectively is retaining existing heat, rather than adding new heat. One simple way is stopping draughts. For example heavy lined heavy curtains work wonders to retain warmth in a room. Meanwhile rugs warm a room by insulating between the floor and your feet and also helping to block out draughts. Of course the thicker the rug the better the insulation for the room. While heat will find the smallest routes to escape – using a draught excluder is a brilliant way of keeping the cold out and warmer air in. Finally, it sounds simple, but remember to close doors. It’s amazing how many people will forget to do this and instead just turn up the heating.


At Zing Energy we are often asked about boiler replacement as a way of having more efficient heat generation. However, we always advise to first check your insulation. If your home is not properly insulated an efficient boiler will not be the solution. This is because you will continue to lose heat. It’s like trying to fill a bath with the plug pulled out. Proper insulation works by providing layers of insulating material that trap heat in and retain the warmth in your rooms. The difference this can make is remarkable. Here are some of the top ways to insulate your property:

Roof or loft insulation: Up to 25% of the heat in your homes escapes through the roof with heat rising. Therefore roof or loft insulation will tackle this with insulating material stopping this heat from escaping.

Internal wall insulation: More than a third of heat loss occurs through poorly insulated walls. So installing a thermal layer inside the home can significantly reduce your energy bills. It’s a popular measure that won’t impact the look of your property.

Cavity wall insulation: A cavity wall is a type of wall with a hollow centre, which have two walls leaving a space – known as a cavity. These types of wall are more prevalent in newer homes. Insulating the cavity will save energy, keep you warmer and can also dramatically cut your heating bills. Zing estimates savings of up to £200 per year on bills.

Solid wall insulation: If your home was built before the 1920s, the wall is likely to have solid walls without a cavity. Solid wall insulation can lead to even bigger savings than cavity wall insulation.

There are a variety of grants available for insulation which Zing Energy can help you unlock. Indeed if you are benefits and live in England you can claim up to £10,000 for work as part of the Green Homes Grant.


We would always recommend examining all of the above before then looking at boiler replacement. However this can undoubtedly be a key weapon in your winter energy efficiency plan. Zing’s initial audit would of course reveal how efficient your boiler is. Modern combi boiler are super efficient and help to provide heat on demand. They also save money as they don’t need to run all day, like old gas boilers. They might have been good for keeping pets warm but not for householders’ bank balances! The good news is there are grants available for boiler replacement, often in conjunction with other measures.


“Just put a jumper on!” has been a popular response in homes throughout the country for generations. But for good reason! Just as you would take measures to keep insulated when going outside, of course you can do the same indoors. Putting a jumper or a cardigan on works in the same way as adding a thermal layer to a room. A jumper keeps your body heat from escaping. So invest in some chunky knitwear. You can also look the bees knees on that next Zoom call!

Get in contact with Zing Energy today to discuss all your energy needs and staying energy efficient this Winter.

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