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Getting my boiler UPGRADED, is it worth it?

With Autumn upon us, many householders will be thinking about getting their boiler upgraded to a newer model. But is it worth it? 

Traditional versus combi-boilers

Traditional boilers are normally heat-only systems. These boilers need a cold water storage tank in the loft for the hot water cylinder. They also need a separate tank for the central heating system. Meanwhile combination or combi-boilers, work by providing hot water on demand when you turn on a tap without the need for a hot or cold water tank. They are high efficiency water and central heating boilers in a single unit. As there is no need to heat up an external hot water tank you can save money on your bills with a combi-boiler.

Check your insulation first

We get a lot of enquiries about combi-boilers. One thing we do advise before getting this system is focusing on insulation. Before forking out for a new boiler, ensure you have minimised heat reduction through properly insulating your home. If your home is poorly insulated having a great boiler won’t really make a difference as you will just waste money on central heating. The reason being heat will quickly exit the property through the gaps. It would be like standing out in the cold hugging a hot water bottle, but forgetting to wear a coat! A properly insulated home with measures like external wall insulation, cavity wall insulation or roof insulation means the central heating system will need to work far less hard.

What type of boiler should I get?

The type of boiler you require will depend on the size of your property and your hot water requirements. At Zing Energy one of our technical assessors can evaluate your exact requirements and would then help you select the most appropriate make and model upon the initial survey.

Boilers account for over 50% of a home’s energy bill and our A-rated boilers can save householders up to £350 every year. All of our boiler installs include a horizontal flue (vertical flue extra) and a wireless room thermostat too, helping you save even more money.

Is funding available?

There are also grant funding options available. Under the Energy Companies Obligation ‘ECO’ scheme , grants towards the cost of a new boiler are available. The funding is often dependent upon the homeowner or tenant receiving qualifying benefits. The type of property you live in is also important . if you fill out the short form we can tell you in minutes if you will qualify for grant funding.

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