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Four benefits of INTERNAL wall insulation

Many householders have problems with condensation or want to find a way to stop heat escaping through the walls. Internal wall insulation is a way of tackling and solving these issues. There are several benefits of internal wall insulation including. These include: Improving the thermal efficiency of your property, reducing bills, lowering carbon emissions and being able to claim a grant for work as part of the Green Homes Grant.

While the scheme won’t cover replacing a boiler it does cover insulation, both external and internal.  Let’s examine the benefits of internal wall insulation in more detail.

Significantly reduce heat loss

One way you can significantly reduce heat loss within your home is to install insulation within its internal property walls. This is also known as dry lining. Firstly, insulating material is fitted to the inner surface of your walls. This is followed by a vapour barrier protecting the insulation against air penetration. This form of insulation is suitable for any property type and installation is very easy. By properly insulating your property, you can ensure the temperature in your home is consistent all year round. It therefore reduces the need to turn up the heating. 

Reduce your bills dramatically

An astonishing amount of heat loss occurs through insufficiently insulated walls. In fact as much as 35%. Installing a thermal layer inside the home can significantly reduce your energy bills. It means you don’t need to use the central heating as heat stays in rather than escapes.

You don’t need to change the property’s exterior

Unlike external wall insulation, internal wall insulation does not impact a property’s exterior. As a result, it’s appropriate for those wanting to boost their home’s energy efficiency, without changing its external appearance. The work can also be done room by room minimising any disruption.

You can get the work funded

Under the new Green Homes Grant, up to £5,000 can be claimed for insulation work. Insulation is one of the best way homeowners can lower their carbon footprint. This is the reason the Government is offering funding. Additionally the Energy Companies Obligation ‘ECO’ grants also offers funding towards the cost of installing internal wall insulation. The funding and grant amount for this scheme is dependent upon property type. It also depends on the financial situation of the homeowner. After a brief consultation one of Zing’s experts can advise on Government funding to minimise costs.

Zing is one of the country’s leading installers of internal wall insulation. All our work comes with a product guarantee of 25 years. In addition, we also issue a 25- year insurance-backed guarantee. This provides peace of mind for each and every one of our customers. Please get in contact for more information.

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