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Don’t leave Wales behind in the Green Industrial Revolution

Our Managing Director Chris Jenkins has written an article for leading business magazine Business In The News. In the piece Chris argues that Wales is not been given the support it needs to help lead the ‘Green Industrial Revolution’. He points out that firms like Zing Energy are willing and able to help provide employment and support for people throughout the country living in fuel poverty. Zing’s focus in boosting the energy efficiency of households throughout the country, reducing CO2 emissions and cutting fuel bills.

However he argues Governments in London and Cardiff and local councils need to do more to help. Particularly in ensuring the Green Homes Grant is introduced in Wales. He writes: ‘At Zing Energy we have tripled our staff numbers to cope with the demand, creating quality jobs in Wales. Yet, presently our work is only benefiting homeowners in England. This needs to be rectified straightaway and we urge both the UK and Welsh Governments to ensure the scheme is moved West. It is particularly pressing, given around 29% of Welsh houses are of solid wall construction, with 21% off the gas grid and 12% in fuel poverty, meaning they would be able to benefit enormously from the scheme. For a Government that talks about ‘levelling up’ the whole of the UK this seems like a big omission.’

He concludes: ‘Just as the original Industrial Revolution created jobs and national pride, so a genuine focus on green energy in Wales can help to transform the country. This would create employment, lower energy bills lifting people out of fuel poverty and new innovation to help safeguard the future of the planet. What a proud legacy that would be.’

Read the whole article in Business in the News.

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