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Ground source heating

Five Reasons TO Install Ground Source Heating

16th March 2020

Ground source heating could save you hundreds of pounds a year. It also helps protect the planet and could even potentially increase the price of your home! Ground source heat pumps are not a new invention, as they’ve been around since the 19th century. However their popularity is growing in the UK as thousands of savvy consumers look to cut energy costs and their carbon footprint. 

Still need convincing? Read on to find out more about ground source heating and five reasons why you should ditch your boiler today.

What is ground source heating and how does it work? 

Ground source heating is a completely renewable way to warm your home by transferring heat from the ground into your house.

The earth absorbs energy released from the sun keeping underground temperatures constant all year round. A few metres underneath your feet, the temperature stays at around 11 degrees celsius. Ground source heating uses pipes buried underground to extract this heat and release it in your home. 

Circular-type wells pump water down into the ground and back out again with the natural heat in the ground increasing the temperature of the water pumped through it – heat which can then be used to provide a home’s heating requirements. 

1) It could halve your energy bills 

Ground source heat pumps save money as they are energy-efficient and much cheaper to run than direct electric heating systems. Some homeowners have slashed their heating bills by 50%.

As the majority of the energy you use for heating will come from the ground, you won’t be subject to market price fluctuations and will have a secure energy supply for your home. 

There are several different types of ground source heat pump from closed to open loop systems. An average pump will cost around £655 a year to run and several thousand pounds to install, depending on the size of your property. Despite the upfront costs, the long-term savings can be as large as £1.5k, meaning the initial outlay will pay for itself in just a few years’ time.

And the best news?  Once you have installed your heat pump you will be eligible for payments of up to £3,000 per year under the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive. Under the scheme you can get paid for every unit of renewable heat you generate. 

2) Ground source heat pumps are eco-friendly 

The most polluting domestic fuels, including wet wood, will begin to be phased out from next year , so it makes sense to get ahead of the pack and look for cheaper and greener alternatives. 

If you are looking to do your bit to help the environment, then swapping to ground source heating is a good way to start. 

Heat pumps provide a clean way to heat your home. Unlike burning oil, gas, LPG or biomass, a heat pump produces no carbon emissions on site – and if a sustainable source of electricity is used to power them they won’t produce any carbon emissions at all. 

3) Ground source heating is low maintenance and long-lasting 

Ground source pumps require much less maintenance than traditional heating systems. They also have a longer life than combustion boilers. Ground loops can last between 50 -100 years. 

4) You could increase the value of your home 

A well designed ground source heat pump system is a huge selling point for home-owners and is likely to increase the sale value of your property. A recent new story revealed some homeowners have boosted the value of their homes by a whopping 33 per cent!

5) You could qualify for FREE installation

Don’t let the upfront costs put you off. For a limited time Zing Energy is offering qualifying customers ground source heating installation for free. 

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