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Embrace Home Insulation to Help Reduce the Country’s Carbon Footprint, Urges Zing Energy

Brickwall thermal insulation by styrofoam with kitchen interior on background, 3d illustration

The next UK Government needs to embrace home insulation as the best way to tackle climate change and to lead the UK on the pathway to net zero carbon emissions. This is the message Zing Energy is delivering to the Political parties ahead of the General Election. Zing welcomes the call from several parties for a ‘green industrial revolution’. This includes the commitment to speeding up the retrofitting of homes to become more energy efficient. However warm words need to be backed by urgent action.

The specific pledges include the Labour party wanting to retrofit the UK’s 27 million homes to a high energy efficiency standard. Meanwhile the Conservatives have promised to be carbon neutral by 2050. The commitments being made on all sides means companies like Zing will be needed to speed up the energy efficiency of homes throughout the UK.

According to Zing Energy co-founder Martin Thomas: “We have been at the forefront of the mission to reduce carbon emissions. Our industry experts have been making affordable energy saving solutions and expertise a reality for every household and business in the country. Our energy solutions includes green technology and heating efficiency, to help lower the country’s carbon footprint.” 

Zing Energy is calling on Government to widen the scope of the eco grants that are available to householders and ensure better communication so that people are aware of the benefits of getting their properties properly insulated. The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) is the Government initiative and domestic energy efficiency programme, established to provide low-income households with financial support towards the installation of energy efficiency measures. These measures include new boilers and various types of insulation, which reduce household energy bills, but also promote carbon reduction. The scheme is funded by the largest energy companies in the UK, who are obliged to provide funding for heating and insulation improvements. 

As a company, Zing Energy has reduced the carbon footprint of thousands of homes across the country and is ready and able to do the work needed to help the country hit its targets. According to Thomas: “It is reassuring that all the parties now recognise the work that is needed to improve the insulation of homes. It’s a no brainer. By improving insulation we can stop massive amounts of carbon heading for the atmosphere but also save money for homes across the country.”

He continued: “However many householders simply don’t realise they can improve and upgrade their home for free and paid for by the big six energy firms to hit their targets as part of the Government eco grants system. This can range from free boilers, cavity insulation to loft insulation and there is also scope for funding for ground source and air source heating. Whatever the colour of the party that ends in power let’s make sure we all go greener. Get in touch to find out if you qualify.

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