Zing's Managing Director Chris Jenkins interviewed in Swansea Bay Business Life - Zing Energy

Zing’s Managing Director Chris Jenkins interviewed in Swansea Bay Business Life

Our own Managing Director and co-founder Chris Jenkins was interviewed recently for Swansea Bay Business Life Magazine, alongside other Welsh Business leaders.


He discussed the launch of Zing Energy which he co-founded with Martin Thomas six years ago. He also spoke about how to attract new clients, the company’s goals and gave his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. According to Jenkins:
“We are expanding out of Wales to grow the company into other areas of the UK. There is more and more demand for the services we provide. Renewables are the energy solution of the future and with consumers increasingly concerned about their carbon footprint we are really focusing on methods like Air source and ground source heating.”

His advice was budding entrepreneurs was as follows:

“First of all do something that you are passionate about. For me, there is no greater satisfaction than designing an eco building and the satisfaction you get from knowing you can make a real difference to someone’s life. In terms of more general advice, If you don’t have the time to put into it, don’t bother! If you want it and have the drive you can get it, but you need to put the effort in. For 10 years my phone has been going off like there is no tomorrow.”

Wise words indeed! To read the full article download the digital edition of the magazine.

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