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Room in Roof Insulation

Does your loft conversion or attic feel the draught in the winter and experience excessive heat in the summer? If so, room in roof insulation can eradicate these issues, leaving your home with a preferable temperature all year round.

What is room in roof insulation?

Unlike flat roof insulation [link to Flat Roof Insulation page], this form of insulation consists of either installing thermal boards under existing plasterboard or adding a new layer of plasterboard with an insulation layer over the top of existing sloping ceilings. This creates a thermal barrier, significantly helping to reduce heat loss.

The benefits

  • Reduces heat loss – Opting for room in roof insulation can reduce heat loss by as much as 25%, keeping your home warm and cosy all year round.
  • Increase EPC value – A well-insulated property results in an improved energy efficiency rating ‘EPC’, especially useful when selling your home.
  • Significant savings on your heating bills – Dependent on the size of your roof space, homeowners can benefit from significant energy savings – sometimes as much as £200 per year.
  • Lower CO2 emissions – The insulation will make your home more eco-friendly,helping yo u to reduce your carbon footprint.

The process

Once you contact us, we will send one of our technical surveyors to your property within 48 hours to conduct a free, no obligation survey. After discussing your options, if you decide to go ahead with any works, our installers will start work within 7 days, leaving you with a cosy home with minimal disruption.

What is the cost of installation?

The cost of installing room in roof insulation varies from home to home, dependent upon the size of your loft area and the style of your property. Luckily, Zing Energy can provide you with competitive prices and excellent quality of work, and even offer finance packages that can help you spread the costs over a period of time.

Room in roof insulation grants and funding

Under the Energy Companies Obligation ‘ECO’, grants and funding towards the cost of installing room in roof insulation are available. The funding is available to everyone and every property type and the grant amount is dependent upon the property type and financial situation of the homeowner.

Speak to a specialist

Room in roof insulation is a great way to increase the thermal value of your home. Zing Energy can provide you with competitive prices and excellent quality of work, which we will deliver with minimal disruption. All of our insulation technicians are fully qualified, accredited and available to answer any questions you may have.

Contact our team of experts for more information by calling 0330 808 4365. Alternatively, apply for a grant online.

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