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Energy Audits

Energy audits

An energy audit is an assessment and analysis of your home or businesses’ energy use. Zing’s approach involves a visit to your property or business to conduct an examination of each room. We then work out how you can best conserve energy. Our focus is reducing the energy input from using gas or electricity, boosting efficiency and saving money.

What does it involve?

At the most basic level, an EPC assessment (Energy Performance Certificate) will provide a rating scheme to summarise the energy efficiency of your building, with a rating applied between A – G. This EPC will also include basic tips on the most cost-effective ways to improve your homes’ energy rating.

A more sophisticated audit involves a root and branch analysis of your energy habits, based on a detailed interview and test of the functioning of your energy system. Following this, advice will be given, detailing the best ways to maximise energy efficiency, allowing householders to save money in the future.

Not just for homes, but for businesses too!

A business energy audit works in the same way – an assessment of when, where and how your business uses energy. These can be undertaken by your energy supplier, but Zing’s promise is to identify savings in individual businesses as well as across your portfolio.

Can I get one for free?

Zing offers homeowners a premium energy audit and consultation free of charge, during which our team of trusted specialists will outline the best strategy for energy reduction based on your property, allowing you to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. We also go the extra mile in offering an after-care service, sharing our expertise and long- term plan for energy reduction whilst handing you the tools and knowledge to improve energy efficiency for life.

I was really impressed with Zing Energy’s approach. They gave me a no-nonsense and easy to understand audit revealing how much energy was being lost due to the lack of proper insulation in my property. They also helped find me a grant for the work they carried out, meaning it only cost me a fraction of what I would have spent. One year on my bills have halved, and crucially, I understand more about how much energy can be wasted alongside the simple steps to stop this happening.

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