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Electric Storage Heater Replacement

The Project

DateJanuary 2020
Project typeResidential
MeasureElectric Storage Heater Replacement

The challenge

Mr Bowell made an enquiry with us as they found their utility bills were astronomical and needed a way to reduce the monthly out goings. The property was being heated by electric room heaters; one of the most inefficient ways of heating a home. We needed to find a solution that saved on space, but adequately heated the home.

The solution

Having carried out heat requirement calculations, our Energy Specialist, Chris determined that the property would be much more efficient if it was heated by Electric Storage Heaters. they give the occupier more control over the power output as they store heat for when you need it most and, coupled with the Economy 7 tariff, there’s the added benefit of storing the heat on a much lower energy rate which saves a customer around 20% on their bill.

The results

  • Sleek, modern design
  • Space saving over full heating systems
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Improved property appearance
  • Lowered carbon footprint
  • Adequately heated home

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