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How is Zing Energy responding to COVID-19

Ahead of any project commencing, we at Zing Energy wanted to inform you of our current strategy in response to the coronavirus. Our first priority is the safety and welfare of both our customers and clients so we wanted to update you on our new policies in the Q+A below.

CAN I Book an immediate appointment?

We are currently only booking immediate appointments that are either essential ie. a householder has no central heating or where we can avoid contact with householders in line with the current guidelines on the Government lockdown. However we are looking to book appointments for whenever the current restrictions end. We will be starting off with external work. ie External Wall insulation and Flat roof insulation in the next few weeks. This can be done with no customer contact.

We are still seeing a lot of demand for our services. Please be assured we will prioritise a visit to your property as soon as is feasible and we can discuss your needs on the phone. We are confident that with the measures we have introduced we will be able to safely continue work ensuring householders are able to benefit from lower energy costs. 

aRE THERE CHAnges to how I book a surveyor or contractor?

When you do book a surveyor or installer appointment, we’ll ask you if:

  • You or anyone in your home has been diagnosed with Covid-19
  • You or anyone in your home or business has been advised to self-isolate
  • Anyone in your home is higher risk – i.e. has a pre-existing medical condition etc.

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we’ll work with you to assess your need for a visit before deciding what to do next. Our team will also call you on the day of your appointment and ask the same set of questions, just in case anything has changed since you booked.

How are you making sure your surveyors or installers don’t spread or contract the virus during their visits?

Any of our surveyors or contractors who have shown any symptoms during this time are being advised to self isolate for a period of 14 days. We’re also contacting customers before we visit to make sure they haven’t been diagnosed with Covid-19, advised to self-isolate or have recently returned from a high-risk area.

When one of our surveyors or installers does visit, they’ll take additional precautions – including hand-washing – before, during and after the appointment as well as wearing protective masks and gloves throughout the appointment when they aren’t speaking. They’ll protect you and your colleagues by keeping a safe distance at all times – and we ask you to do the same.

IF I HAVE AN appointment booked, will it still go ahead?

As outlined for the present moment we will only come out if the need is essential, but we are keen to ensure we reschedule appointments to when this period of lockdown ends. We intend to take every precaution when we do visit. We will do our very best to offer the same level of support to you as usual. There are challenging days ahead. If any of our staff need to self isolate, we’ll inform you of any changes and if there is going to be a delay

is your office still operating?

In order to protect our clients and staff, the Zing office is operating remotely, but we can still respond to your enquiries. Until further notice, management staff will not visit your property. During this period we want to reduce the risk of our surveyors, installers and clients being exposed to the virus.

Look after yourself and for further information on the virus and the measures you need to check visit https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

For any other questions on our policies, please call our office: 0330 808 4365

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